About HealthIndex, Inc.

Revision Date: Monday, May 3rd, 2010 - 3:38 p.m. CDT

Mission of HealthIndex, Inc.

HealthIndex is a network of physicians and researchers whose goal is to help promote world health by providing extensive information on prevention, wellness, and therapy to the world community by:

  • Providing multiple biomedical databases and information representing all health models and paradigms worldwide
  • Fostering better understanding and exchange between health care providers of different disciplines
  • And conveying valuable free information related to health and to keep to a minimum the subscription charge for royalty based biomedical indexes

Company History

HealthIndex, Inc. (Formerly Action Potential, Inc.) was founded in 1987 by Ronald L. Rupert D.C.. The first product, MANTIS (Chirolars), has become the standard for the chiropractic profession's access to the scientific literature. HealthIndex, Inc. now has a myriad of information based products that have grown in importance because of managed care and legal demands for "evidence-based practice". In 1996, the multidisciplinary site (www.Healthindex.com) was developed for the Internet. In 1997, a chiropractic online community at ChiroACCESS was introduced.


HealthIndex, Inc. has introduced several educational and practice promoting resources to health care professions. The primary products and services are:

  • MANTIS (Chirolars): the world's largest (over 400,000 records) and only online chiropractic, osteopathic and related research database. MANTIS is used by virtually all chiropractic and osteopathic colleges and thousands of students and practitioners. MANTIS is also offered by the leading international biomedical database vendors (OVID, Dialog and Datastar [Switzerland]). Through these vendors, MANTIS is used by doctors, medical schools and hospitals worldwide.
  • Literature Search Services: HealthIndex, Inc. provided an in house literature search service for doctors. It provided literature services for leading chiropractic organizations including the ACA and FCER. Specialized literature search support was also provided for Malpractice Insurance carriers.
  • ChiroACCESS & Health Index: These sites provide health professionals, students, faculty and patients with contemporary research information. This enables the profession to promote health and employ informed treatment practices.