MANTIS Subscription Information

Revision Date: Monday, May 3rd, 2010 - 3:38 p.m. CDT

Pricing for an Institutional Subscription to the MANTIS Database

Pricing for institutions vary due to the number of the faculty and students enrolled. For information on institutional fees and trial subscriptions to the MANTIS Database, please call 1.800.283.2287 or email All fees quoted include unlimited usage, IP recognition, and multiple lines over the course of a year. No other site fees are required.

A trial subscription may now be requested here.

Cancellation of Recurring Monthly Subscriptions to the MANTIS Database

Any annual subscription to the MANTIS Database may be cancelled by a customer who provides HealthIndex, Inc. with a written notice as described below. Refunds will be allowed to those with under 100 citation/abstract views (no limit on title searches) within the first month of service.

If we terminate your subscription to the MANTIS Database because you have breached our Terms and Conditions, we will refund any pre-payments made by you less reasonable costs and losses we have incurred. We can terminate your subscription at any time by giving you reasonable advance written notice.

Written notices may be made to the following email address: Written notices must include purchaser's name, address, online user account name (Health Index ID), email address and subscription package you would like to terminate.